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About Us

LakeTide aims to empower your business by utilizing the full potential of your data. We do this by thoughtfully applying the latest technologies in data science, distributed systems, and machine learning. Ultimately, we deliver complete solutions that enable real business opportunities – and we do it fast.

Want data-driven products and services?

data monetization  ·  data driven product development  ·  information based services

Want to improve operational efficiency?

fraud detection  ·  operational insight  ·  risk management  ·  predicting hardware failure

Want an actionable 360° customer view?

reduce customer churn  ·  sentiment analysis  ·  real time marketing
increase conversion rates  ·  micro-segmentation  ·  personalized advertizing

What can we do for you?

Inception & Conceptualization

Are you wondering what new technologies like deep neural networks have to do with your business? We help you realize what is possible using your data, unleash your imagination, and incubate a plan to turn ideas into a business advantage.


Your project is more than just a technology initiative. When you realize what is possible, LakeTide can help develop and coordinate a proven strategy to develop your big data capabilities and fully seize the opportunity at hand.

Implementation & Support

We go a step further to put actionable insights into the hands of your greatest asset, your people. We make your data work, visualize it, automate it, and turn it into a competitive advantage.

The latest deep learning networks allow computers to read, see, and understand the world like never before. With the correct vision and execution, your business can leap several years ahead of the competition in very little time.”
~ Robert Luciani

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