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What we offer

Our customer engagements are really enjoyable. We’re not out there trying to push software licenses, fill consulting quotas, or grow roots in some IT department. We can be honest and impartial about the advice we give. We can turn down work that is not relevant or productive. We can choose the best and coolest tools for the job. Most importantly though, our customers really love the work we do! It’s a far cry from your typical consulting gig.
We do state-of-the-art data science projects. Most large enterprises are simply not in a position to let their engineers do exceptional work, either because they lack modern tools, a leadership with the necessary technical vision, or both. At LakeTide we work on short interesting projects as varying as deploying DNNs to embedded systems and setting up IoT pipelines in the cloud. In each case we work with the latest, greatest, and most fun algorithms and technology.
We have the culture of a start-up and plan to maintain that. Our employees aren’t just cogs in a machine; we all play an important role in deciding the priorities of LakeTide. What drives us is an unmatched passion for (computer) science and innovation which means we want everyone to be involved in open-source projects, follow the latest research, and constantly learn new things.

What you offer

You’re not like the others.
Philosophical conundrums of qualia and universals have been settled… by you.
Nobody wants to listen to your music playlist at parties.
You’re curious.
After learning about airfoils you immediately asked your teacher how airplanes can fly upside down.
You’ve made educated guesses at how many neuron layers the human brain uses for certain tasks.
You’re good at math
You can quickly describe problems in terms of numeric analysis using matrices.
You can give a pedagogical account of the Riemann hypothesis.
You’re skilled in machine learning and/or distributed systems
This means you’re familiar any of the following:
Machine Learning – GANs, NTMs, LSTMs, autoencoders, …
ML Frameworks – MXNet, Torch, Theano, Caffe, …
Languages – Julia, C, Scala, Fortran, …
APIs – CUDA, OpenCL, OpenMP, OpenMPI, …
Distributed Systems – Mesos, Kafka, Cassandra, Spark …

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