In late October parts of the LakeTide team went to Silicon Valley for an extended field trip. The main event for the week was to attend the inaugural “Omnisci Converge” event. Omnisci is our go-to platform when it comes super high performance analysis and visualization of very big data sets. The conference was a great experience and we got to spend some time with the Omnisci leadership team (thanks Allison, Todd, Venkat and the rest of the folks at Omnisci) with discussing technology roadmaps, customer engagements and partnership opportunities.

“Converge” was well attended by big name customers and partners who like us see the potential in GPU accelerated advanced analytics. During the 3-day event we had many great discussions with the other attending customers and partners and we also enjoyed the sessions and social activities. The event was hosted at the Computer History Museum which was a fitting venue as the invention of the GPU certainly is revolutionary and part of history regardless of whether you are a hard-core gamer or a data scientist.

Converge reception party
Computer History Museum

LakeTide delivered a very well attended session on the topic of “Graph Processing with Julia and OmniSci”. The session triggered some interesting discussions on applied use-cases and OmniSci roadmap to fully support the graph neural networks that has got such wide ranging potential. Last but not least, both Velix and Robert were the big winners in the “Converge data challenge” – a great testament to the skill level we have at LakeTide. Congratulations.

Julia, graphs and OmniSci
And the Winners are…

Last but not least we took the opportunity to rent the biggest SUV we could possibly get (which also happened to be one of the cheapest options) to take us for some sight-seeing around “The Valley”. We visited the Googleplex (Google HQ – soon to be replaced with a HUGE new building) and the Apple HQ in Cupertino. Courtesy of Jacci Cenci at Nvidia we also got a tour of the impressive new Nvidia HQ including a nice chat with some Nvidia folks. We share the passion.

LakeTide at GooglePlex
An Augmented reality experience of the Apple Ring
Approaching the Nvidia Endeavour HQ

Heading for home we did a tour along the beautiful coastline and some quick stops in San Francisco including the Golden Gate Bridge. Velix insisted on having his “blurry background” Tinder portrait being part of the blogpost so were we go! All in all it was a very inspiring week and we are already looking forward to the next Converge.

Velix at the Golden Gata bridge