What we always do:

  • Scope projects so time-to-value never exceeds 12 weeks
  • Include an explicit business impact in scope of work
  • Recommend only the best technology we believe in
  • Understand business priorities before recommending anything

What we DON’T do:

  • Sell consultants by the hour to fill quotas
  • Sell software, licenses, or appliances
  • Build “data warehouses”
  • Start with a solution and look for a problem

High Performance Computing

The reality of data science is that at some point your project needs to hit the metal, and most often, it needs to run fast. Whether you want a single machine to analyze 40 Gbit/s of sensor readings in real-time, or you’d like a custom scheduler that can keep your 1000 CPU cores busy, or you need to fit a giant neural network onto an embedded system, LakeTide has the resources and experience in high performance computer development to accelerate all of your data science ambitions.

Machine Learning and A.I.

Our team includes world-class experts in contemporary A.I. techniques with experience in image processing, natural language, financial analysis, physics simulation, and more. We can assist in everything from designing custom neural ODE solvers, to practical dev-ops and deployment of your favorite deep learning frameworks on your preferred Cloud service.

Business Transformation

LakeTide provides professional services centering on the acceleration of data-driven decision making and product development. From our tried and proven R.O.A.D. methodology (Rapid Opportunity Assesment for Digitalization) to implementing voice-controlled BI reports for management, our customers are always surprised at how much more potential there was in their company data than they initially imagined.

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